Frampytown Blog

From now on I’ll be infrequently blogging using Github pages. Jekyll is a nice little web framework that can be used to generate static pages. This is ideal for a blog since they don’t need dynamic content at all, and I can host it for free on Github. Jekyll Bootstrap is an awesome way to get up and running quickly with Jekyll.

I can also build the pages in any which way I choose, unlike blogging systems such as wordpress. On wordpress you only get to use the built in CMS. This doesn’t allow the use of javascript, or custom themes, unless you go to the effort of installing the full-blown wordpress system on your server, and bulding a template. Jekyll allows me to easily build templates from scratch, and even include Javascript in the page. I haven’t actually got round to implementing any of this stuff yet, but I will at some stage.

There’s a really nice list of sites built using Jekyll on the Jekyll Wiki. The best thing about blogs hosted on Github is that anyone can check out the blog’s code and incorporate the design into their own blog.